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How to create a quiz or survey with images, animations, audio and video
This tutorial will show how to create a quiz, test or survey with animations, audio and video using Wildform WildPresenter Pro. For basic instructions on creating a quiz go here.
Getting Started
Open WildPresenter, select Create New Project and name your project.
Opening the quiz interface
To create a quiz launch the Quiz Creator utility by selecting View>Create Quiz.

The Quiz Creator interface will open

Choose a Template and click Next to proceed. You can customize all the templates by clicking the “Edit a Copy” button. For more information on customizing quiz templates, see this tutorial.

Creating a Quiz

Once you have decided on your template you click “Next” which takes you to the “Create Questions” window.

To insert a question click the Add button.

This will add the text “New Question” to the Question List and to the Question field.

The Type dropdown list allows you to choose between the four question types available.

Type in the Question field to create the question.

Select the option for quiz or survey depending on whether you want the question to be part of a quiz (correct and incorrect answers) or a survey (no correct or incorrect answers).

To add answers, click the add button under the Choices box. Then click in the choice and enter the text you wish.

Continue add your quiz or survey questions and answers until you are finished. When you have entered all the questions click the Save & Insert button.

For detailed information about creating a quiz please go here:

For detailed information about creating a survey please go here:

Adding additional elements

Now that you have the quiz or survey inserted into the WildPresenter stage you can add additional elements such as images, audio, video or animations.

The quiz or survey is placed on the timeline. The default number of frames each slide will occupy is 10. (You can change the number of frames per question in either the “Setup Quiz” window – step 1 – or in the Create Questions window – step 2.)  This means frames 1-10 are occupied for the introduction, frames 11-20 are for question 1, frames 21-30 are for question 2 and so on.

Note: You can adjust the default number of frames per slide by right clicking the quiz or survey and selecting Edit Object.

Adding an image
To add an image to question 1 click on frame 11 of the timeline as frames 1 thru 10 are set for the title slide (as long as you did not create a custom template without a title slide).

Click the Import File button to insert an image. You can also insert an image by dragging an image onto the stage or by using the File>Import menu.

Now that the image is placed in the quiz or survey adjust the image on the timeline so that it occupies frames 11-20
Select the image and open the Object Settings window. In the Play tab check the Hide when done playing box. This will remove the image after frame 20.
Repeat for additional images.

Adding animations
You can also add animations to any object in your project. To animate, select an object and open the Object Settings window. In the Animation tab click the Add New Animation button.
In the dropdown list select an animation.

You can also adjust the number of frames each animation keeps.

Repeat for any objects that you wish to animate.

Adding audio
You can also add audio to the project. The audio can run continuously and will not be interrupted when the timeline stops at each question.

To add audio open the Project Settings window and select the Flash SWF tab. Check the Project audio box and browse to select the audio file.

The audio you add using this option will start at slide 1, frame 1 and play through your project.

You may add audio as either a SWF file or an MP3 file

  • SWF: If you use SWF audio the audio will preload and it will be embedded in your project. SWF audio can be looped.
  • MP3:  If you use MP3, the audio will stream and the audio file will be in the "Load_External_Files" folder. You will need to distribute the "Load_External_Files" folder with your project. MP3 audio cannot be looped.
If your audio file is not in SWF or MP3 format, use the video, audio, image importer to convert it to SWF

Adding video
There are several ways to add video to a project. For this tutorial we will insert a video as an introduction to the quiz and then link to the quiz.

To add slides to the project click the Add Slide at End button.

You can then drag the slide to be first in the project if you wish.

Click the Shortcut button and select Convert Video, Audio, Image to Flash.
Browse to the video you want to insert, select a preset and encode the video.
The video will be placed on the stage.

Now that the video is placed into the project we will create a text link so the user can navigate to the quiz.

Create the text by clicking the Insert Textbox button and entering in the text.
Select the text and open the Object Settings window and select the Mouse Events tab. Check the Add on click box and select the Jump to frame button. In the Target field select the Quiz slide.

Now the user can view the video and click the link to begin the quiz or survey.

To view a sample of quiz with video, audio and images, go here:

You can also download the source files for that quiz on that page (see the link at the top).
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